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Saturday October 15th 2016 @ Credit Suisse - 88TH FLOOR, ICC, Kowloon Station

Hong Kong Code Conf

Hong Kong Code Conference will be held on Saturday 15th October 2016. It's a programming conference aimed at all programmers in Hong Kong. We want to share our skills and opinions. We want to inspire each other with our passion. We want to build a closer, stronger community.

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Mission Statement

  • We believe that the Hong Kong developer community is skilled and diverse, but that often these skills end up hidden away in big organisations.
  • We aim to provide a forum for local developers to share these skills, and inspire their peers.
  • With a mixture of local and international speakers, we provide talks which are targeted and relevant.
  • We believe that conferences don't need to be big and expensive to be valuable.

The Tickets

300 HKD including lunch
Early Birds get a free t-shirt

Ticket sales are over!

The Speakers

The Schedule

Registration & Welcome
09:30 Registration
10:00 Welcome
Session 1
Andrew Medworth - "In Defence of Boilerplate Code"

Many languages, libraries and frameworks boast of their ability to eliminate boilerplate code. But does boilerplate code always deserve to die? This talk will argue that sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. It will draw examples primarily from the Java ecosystem, but will aim to offer techniques for designing and selecting abstractions which will be useful to all software engineers.

Lionello Lunesu - "Static code analysis in D"

D's compiler already has some advanced code analysis tools. For example, it currently uses Value Range Propagation (VRP) for implicit casting between integers of different sizes, but that's only one of the many things VRP is useful for. VRP can be extended to include code optimization, branch prediction, static code analysis, and proof code correctness.

Richard Cohen - "Programming Pebble"

Last year, after I ranted about swartwatches being useless, a bunch of people told me to look at Pebble - and they were right! This year, Pebble is releasing new devices, and a new OS and SDK revision, including the ability to write onboard 'native' apps in JavaScript. Let's see what it can do...

Ricky Ng-Adam - "Collaborative Learning"

Demand for talented developers far exceeds resources available. One key to grow new talent is to help individuals with aptitudes and potential for software development to try out this new career path. Codeschools have proven faster and less expensive than universities but still demand a significant investment and have fixed learning cycles. Parallel to the rise of co-working and thanks to the availability of online content such as FreeCodeCamp, we propose a project-focused curriculum in a community with mentors where peers help each other learn new concepts and find work in their new chosen profession.

12:15 Lunch
Session 2
Rowland Watkins - "Actors and the Quest for Reliable Systems"

Software development, especially multi-threaded, has become increasingly complex, which impacts our ability to reason and create reliable systems. Actor-based systems take a different approach, accepting failure, and providing strategies for recovery. In this talk we'll explore the motivations and rationale behind actors, example implementations, and how they might be used to increase system resilience.

Andy Li - "Why I chose to master a language no one knows"

Developers are lifelong learners. There are new languages and frameworks becoming popular from time to time. In order to stay competitive, we have to learn constantly. But what should we learn and master? The hottest ones can maximize the number of our potential job matches; the oldest ones give us tons of tools and libraries to use; the latest ones gives us shinny cutting-edge features. I myself, however, chose a different path. In this talk, I will share my experience of how mastering a lesser known programming language (Haxe) gave me a chance to stand out, to speak at various conferences, to be known by oversea developers, and to get my first job.

Jack Chen - "Separating your data logic from business logic by PostgreSQL programming"

Object-relational mapping (ORM) is convenient and widely used in many frameworks to manipulate objects without writing tedious SQL. But meanwhile it also brings a lot of problems on system performance, maintenance and scalability. On the other hand, programming SQL (e.g. PostgreSQL) for your data logic is perhaps not as bad as you think, and should not be ignored.

Emmanuel Prochasson & Guy Freeman - "A Day at the Races: a Data Science Extravaganza"

After too many evenings fruitlessly fluttering away ten-dollar notes at the iconic Happy Valley Racecourse, we decided to use our Data Science skillz for the power of good: to make money betting on horse races.

Coffee Break
15:30 Coffee Break
Session 3
Thomas Pun - "Shut up and take my money"

What happened in between visitors entering their credit card number on your site to you receiving the fund?

Daniel Chcouri - "Understanding Javascript - JS core concepts"

Douglas Crockford, JS guru and the inventor of the JSON format, once said that JS is "world's most misunderstood programming language". In the talk I'll cover key concepts of the JS language that I found to be critical for true understanding of the language, among other things I'll talk about Closures, the "this" word and prototypical inheritance. The talk is for developers that use JS and want to deepen their understanding of the language.

Carla Souza - "How to Raise your Inner DevOps Engineers"

"DevOps" is one of those buzzwords that, even though not everybody agrees on its definition, it is known of its importance in today's software industry. DevOps culture has a fast growing community, with daily new tools available to make every engineers' life better, faster, more efficient and more scalable. In this talk, I will speak about the DevOps culture, why it was born, why is it important and how flexible and dynamic it is. I will also talk about the crucial points of my life that directed me to get into this field and what you can do to help others and yourself to grow into a better engineer.

Closing & After Party
17:30 Closing / Thank you
19:00 After Party

Our Sponsors

The Venue

Credit Suisse,
ICC, Kowloon.
Hong Kong
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