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Saturday October 24th 2015 @ Hong Kong Science Park

Hong Kong Code Conf

Hong Kong Code Conference will be held on Saturday 24th October 2015. It's a programming conference aimed at all programmers in Hong Kong. We want to share our skills and opinions. We want to inspire each other with our passion. We want to build a closer, stronger community.

we hk coders

The Tickets

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The Speakers

The Schedule

Registration & Welcome
09:30 Registration
10:00 Welcome
Session 1
10:15 Matthew Rudy Jacobs - "Death by Bad API Design"
10:45 Pedro Pimentel - "The Path to Continuous Delivery"
11:15 Elaine Chan & Vincent Lau - "Scrapying and thereafter"
11:45 Godfrey Chan - "Stories from Afar: Hong Konger in North America"
12:15 Lunch
Session 2
13:15 Holger Bartel - "Your Front-end Performance Sucks"
13:45 Mart van de Ven - "Decoding the Language of Cereal Box Design with Scikit-Learn"
14:15 Jack Chen - "Swift: The End of OOP?"
14:45 Tony Wong - "Scaling the team at Shopline"
Coffee Break
15:15 Coffee Break
Session 3
15:45 Donal Ellis - "Words of Support"
16:15 Jonas S Karlsson - "Do I need Scalability?"
16:45 Gram Lok - "Hack Hong Kong"
17:15 Andrew Medworth - "Immortal Code: Can Your Software Live Forever?"
Closing & After Party
17:45 Closing / Thank you
18:00 After Party

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The Venue

Hong Kong Science Park, No. 2 Science Park West Avenue,
Shatin, New Territories.
Hong Kong
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